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13 February
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B-1's a reserved genius who doesn't like giving away his brilliant secrets but will do so freely when he's inebriated. Luckily for you, he's stupidly jotted down most of his thoughts down in this journal. A living paradox, B-1 often times rambles on in a disorganized fashion without any coherent thought. He says one thing and contradicts himself the next. If you're able to make any sense of it all, you're just as screwed up as he is. He seeks the adulation of others, fawning is acceptable, so please feel free to offer comments.
Strengths: Able to bullshit his way out of any situation. And if he can't, he'll curl up in a ball and start sucking on his thumb. Has a 39 inch verticle leap that has since been reduced to 28 inches due to a knee injury five years ago. A daredevil, he will take up any challenge offered him, a man without fear.
Weaknesses: The sight of a beautiful woman will leave him slack jawed and susceptible to boneheaded acts of shame. A daredevil, he will take up any challenge offered him, a man without fear.
Special Skills: Possesses uncanny ability of being able to stuff 27 shrimp in his mouth.
Weapons: Twin hammers of justice: his muscular forearms. The almighty pen, heavy books, baseball bat, cooking spatula
Pet Peeves: cell phones, people who call and then hang up, people who call and then laugh at you before hanging up, creepy looking clowns, mayo, Anna Nicole Smith, weepy willows, women who run away, women who carry heavy blunt objects... so yeah, I'm basically afraid of the entire women's softball league.

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